Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Saturday #11: The depths of Randomness

Hello my dear Readers!

Hope everyone of you is feeling great, and getting over any difficulties life can bring with a smile and positive thinking.

I almost didn't post a Random Saturday today, as I had yet another morally challenging week. I don't really want to get into details at this point, as I prefer to leave it to a future Random Saturday, when the events of the last two days won't be as hurtful as they are at the moment. No need to worry, everything ended up just fine…

Instead of telling the amazing story of my Thursday and Friday, I decided to explain to you why I chose to name the Saturdays' blogs Random Saturdays. Well, the first reason is obviously because I
write about anything but weddings, but there is also another good reason for the "Random" in my Saturday.

My life is random in general. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a funny way. I was even created randomly! My parents had an amazing night in July of 1989, never thinking about the consequences. Long story short, five months after that night they got married, four months after the marriage I was born… Their marriage didn't last long, for the record, and my life has been random ever since!

To give you an example of the randomness, I once helped a girl who was abused by her boyfriend and run away, so I let her spend the night at my house, so she didn't have to sleep outside. She went back to him of course, which wasn't really my business, until said boyfriend called me and started threatening me, because she had run away once again. Yes, I had given her my phone number, just in case, and she was stupid enough to give it to him. After the threats, I received a phone call from a police station to see a certain police officer for the missing girl case. Thankfully, I took a different road to the police station, just to realize upon arrival that there wasn't any police officer with the name given to me on the phone. I smiled, and went home. The boyfriend of that girl probably tried to trick me so he could meet me halfway to the police station and attack me… which never happened, as I decided to found my own way to the station, instead of following the instructions! Moral of the story, don't give your phone number to stupid strangers…

Another brilliant random thing that happened, was how I met my horse riding trainer from my childhood. The person I was dating at the time had a friend who played the piano in a country band. One day, the pianist told us to watch a video from a live performance that they had. To my surprise, the lead singer of the band was my childhood horse riding trainer, with whom I had lost contact for more than 7 years. This whole random event resulted in me getting into horse riding again, starting going to competitions, getting my first two horse riding students, and now working at Santo Horse riding in Santorini.

A third example of the randomness of my life has to do with my grandmothers death. She passed away in September, and on the day of her passing I had a wedding to supervise. I learned the news during the reception, but had to still have my happy face on, as I was working at the moment. This messed me up a bit, but I'm professional than emotional.

I first spoke on the phone with my aunt, then tried to reach my father, who didn't reply. Approximately 20 minutes after I tried calling my father, an unknown number called me, and because I was tired and emotionally messed up, I didn't think it could be anyone else but my father. I answered the phone and had a weird conversation with the person I thought was my father. We spoke in Russian and the conversion ended in the person getting frustrated. I didn't think much about it, as I believed that my father was just feeling sad really sad over his mother passing, and couldn't bear my weirdness that night.

A while after the strange phone call, my actual father called me. When I asked him if he had called me before, he told me that he hadn't. I mentioned that someone called me from a French number and for a reason I thought it was him, to which my dad replied that it was probably my cousin who supposedly was in France at that point. When leaving wedding to finally go home, I tried calling the strange number back, only to get a reply from a French speaking dude who yelled at me "I don't need you" in English and slamming the phone.

The next day, when I spoke with my cousin, and asked him if he had called me last night, I learned that he didn't call me, that at the moment he was in a train to England, and that he didn't even have a French cell number any more. I asked then my uncle, if he had called me from any French phone number, to which of course he replied that no, as he didn't have any French numbers, and no reason to call me from one, as he has a Greek number. Sounds logical to me.

To this day, I still wonder who was that mysterious man from France, who called me to tell me in perfect Russian that my grandmother had died. FYI, I have no other relatives in France rather than my cousin, who lived there for some years. It's random, it's creepy, it's weird.

Such events may happen to a lot of people. Some call it fate, other call it destiny, I call it randomness. My life's randomness goes so deep, that I reaches Davy Jones' locker. And because my life is filled with random events, I decided to call my Saturday blogs "Random Saturday", to share with you all this randomness.

Thank you very much for reading, and stay safe my friends!

Not to forget, here is this week's song. 

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