Monday, January 30, 2017

Fun Activities in Santorini: Horse Riding in Akrotiri!

Santorini is so much more than just the caldera views, the volcano and the sunset. The island offers a lot of different and interesting activities, which are there not only to make your stay in Santorini even more memorable, but also are a great way to explore the island and enjoy its hidden beauties.

One of such activities is horse riding. I can guarantee that you won't regret it if you go on trail ride in Santorini. The island has amazing landscapes, and the best and most amazing locations are not easily accessible by the usual means of transportation. They are accessible with horse though. If you truly wish to make the trip to Santorini memorable, make sure to stop by Santo Horse Riding in Akrotiri and arrange a tour.

What is so special about Santo Horse Riding?

1. Safety first

Santo Horse Riding cares a lot about the safety of its clients. You will get a fitting helmet for your protection, something that is really important when riding a horse. You will also get a pair of English chaps, to protect your legs from any bruising from the saddle.

The horses used for the trail rides, are perfectly trained for the job. They are calm, they know where they are going and what they are doing. The horses don't buck, don't bite, don't kick, which means that you will enjoy the ride without any unpleasant surprises. Moreover, you will be guided by one or two professional horse riders, who will give you instructions on how to handle the horse, and will be there to assist you if anything should happen.

2. Amazing routes

Santo Horse Riding is located in Akrotiri, on the road to the Red Beach and the Excavation point. The location of the stable is fantastic itself, but the routes are even better. The route starts by taking you thought the vine fields of Akrotiri, which are especially beautiful in the summer. Then you pass through amazing rocky formations, which make your feel that your are either on a different planet, or in a Western Movie! You end at the black beach of Santorini, where you can relax and take some nice photos to show your friends and family.

You can chose between the one hour route, which will take you to a secluded beach, or the two hour route, which takes you to the black beach of Vlychada. I strongly recommend choosing the two hour tour, as this particular route includes a quick stop at the St. Anna's beautiful church with the famous blue dome. Whatever route you choose though, you are guaranteed an amazing experience and unforgettable views!

3. Horse Riding Lessons

Santo Horse Riding offers horse riding lessons as well. If you like active vacations, and wish to learn a bit more about horses and horse riding, go for horse riding lessons! You will have a chance to learn a lot of interesting facts about horses, have an insight on how to take care of a horse, and you will learn a couple of great secrets for horse training.

Of course, you will also get to learn the basics of horse riding. You will have a professional horse riding trainer beside you, teaching you everything from the very beginning, so no need to worry if you don't have any previous experience in horse riding.

4. Wedding photo shoot with horses

For those couples, who wish to have unique photos from your wedding, you can arrange a wedding couple's photo shoot, or a pre/post wedding photo shoot with horses via Santo Horse Riding. You can have it directly at the stables or at the beach. The photos of you, as newlyweds, on horses, walking by the beach, will look so romantic and will be a great addition to your wedding photo album.

5. Marriage proposal on a horse

Be the knight she was always looking for, by taking her to an unforgettable trail ride in Santorini, which will include a dreamy, surprise marriage proposal. Santo Horse Riding can take you to a couple of amazing locations for a proposal, with great views and absolute privacy. Don't forget to have a photographer on the day, to capture the amazing moment!

What you need to know before going on a horse ride?
  • If possible, wear closed shoes, like sneakers, for example. All though you can ride in flip flops, it will be much more comfortable with the sneakers.
  • Ladies, avoid wearing high heels or dresses/skirts when going for a horse ride, instead chose shorts, or, even better, pants!  
  • Never go behind a horse. Yes, Santo Horse Riding's horses are trained not to kick, but you shouldn't forget that horses are leaving, breathing creatures, that can get scared at the wrong moment while you will be standing behind them.
  • Listen to the trainers. They are professional horse riders and care only for your safety and for you to have a great time. So listen to what they have to tell you, and follow their instructions.
  • Last, but not least, if you are too scared to ride a horse, don’t do it. You won't enjoy it, and the rest of group might not enjoy the trip as well. No one will judge.

So, to summaries, whether you came to Santorini to get married, or just for vacation, be sure to stop by Santo Horse Riding for an unforgettable horse riding experience. Arrange a group tour for your wedding guests, or just for your group of friends.

For contact information, please visit Santo Horse Riding's official website -

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a lovely day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Random Saturday 8: Animals are great!

Hello my dear Readers!

In today's Random Saturday, I would like to talk about my furry little friends!

I have two dogs. Well… one and a half, as one of the dogs is taken care of by both me and my landlord. My black, beautiful, lovely dog is Noir. I know her since she was 3 weeks old. Back then she looked more like a small bear cub than a puppy. A real cutie! When she was finally old enough, I took her home and she has been making my life brighter ever since. She's a half breed, and has an amazing and loving character. We’ve been together for almost six years now, and I couldn't feel anything but proud of that.

The second dog, named Bobo, or Bobik, or Fountoukos, is an incredibly lucky dog. I've He was abandoned in my yard on May 22nd 2015. I remember getting back from a wedding, and seeing something small running to hide under my car. I showed him to my landlord, and we both fell in love with him. I believe he couldn't have asked for a better home, two homes to be more precise. Everyone loves him, he gets yummy treats all the time, lots of hugs and attention, and is in a company of three of other dogs and a cat. He is this energetic, crazy little mate!

I also have a cat, whose name is Lion - O. Ever since I came to Santorini, he has been living the cat's dream life! He has all the privileges of an indoor cat, but he can also roam all day in the fields, hunt, climb on trees, and get in cat-fights. I'm not particularly happy about the last one, as I've already had to visit the vet for wound treatments a couple of times. Yes, he is castrated, by remains a manly man of a cat, so there is nothing I can do to stop him proving his manliness to other cats. Thankfully, he has his two bodyguards, my dogs. He's also have had a broken tail since birth, so his tail looks like a question mark, which I find cute!

This amazing trio has been a great company for me, for some time now. They keep me warm during the cold, winter nights, they keep me entertained at all times, and they never keep me inside the house for too long, which is good thing. Admittedly, they are not the best companions with whom to engage in a philosophical conversation, but they are great listeners whenever I wish to share my bad day with someone.

They have taught me patience. All those little "accidents" that might happen, really teach you to control the anger emotions. In time, instead of bursting in anger on them for breaking something, I started dealing with it with humor. It is not their fault after all, I should've know to place my things better around the house. With cats and small dogs, you learn to mind you steps. You also become more responsible, which is really helpful in life. My pets made me a much better person.

I'm truly grateful for having this amazing trio in my life! However hard a day I could be having, they always manage to cheer me up!

This is all for today. Hope you enjoyed.

Thank you very much for reading and you have my best wishes! 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The magnificent island of Kefalonia!

Today, I decided to take you away from Santorini, and offer a to a trip to Kefalonia instead! Kefalonia, or Cephalonia, as you can otherwise spell it, is the largest island of the Ionian sea. It is an extremely beautiful, green island, the views of each are equally breathtaking, as the views of Santorini. The island has beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing natural formations, such as the Melissani lake cave.

Wild horse of Kefalonia on Mount Ainos
The highest mountain of Kefalonia is the Mount Ainos, which is at 1.628 meters high (5.341 feet). The mountain is covered in Greek Fir and in Black Pine (pinus negra), which is a protected tree species. Mount Ainos is also home to the wild horses of Kefalonia. They are short, sturdy horses, living in large herds. The legend goes, that during the Venetian rule of the island, due to the high taxation, people left their horses free in the mountain. The domesticated horses survived, evolved to better fit the conditions of the island, and are still roaming the mountain after 400 years of freedom.

Beside the mountain, Kefalonia has amazing beaches with white sand and turquoise waters. It has shallow beaches, perfect for families with children, such as the Xi beach, and deep water beaches, such as the Myrtos beach. By the way, Myrtos Beach has been voted as the best beach of Europe, and is one of the top 10 beaches of the world! For those of you, who prefer less crowded beaches, you can find a number of those in Kefalonia, and enjoy a quite day in the sun combined with amazing scenery.

The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli, and the second biggest town is Lixouri. Both are beautiful small towns, prefect for walks, food, shopping and night life. You certainly shouldn’t miss visiting the countless traditional villages of Kefalonia. The architecture of the island is something worth noting. It is a mixture of Italian influenced architecture, due to its past occupation from the Venetians, and the Ionian style traditional houses, which were build after the catastrophic earthquake of 1953.

Kefalonia has been occupied by the Franks, the Venetians and the British in the past, and has been part of Greece only for the past 140 years. This has resulted in Kefalonia's culture being a combination of the cultures from the countries mentioned above, which greatly shows in the islands' food and traditions. For example, foxtrot is considered a traditional Kefalonian dance, so don't get confused if after a Zorba, you see them doing the three step figure.

Melissani Lake Cave
As if the landscapes, the beautiful towns and villages, and the culture is not enough reason to visit Kefalonia, the local food is incredibly delicious! All the local products of the island are fresh: fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh vegetables! Everything that Kefalonia produces is indescribably tasty. One of the best traditional dishes, you should definitely try when visiting the island, is the Kefalonian meat pie! Yum!!

The people of Kefalonia are fun and welcoming, open-minded and open-hearted. They are also really loud. You, probably, already know that Greeks are considered to be loud people… well Kefalonians took it to a whole new level! The locals have an amazing cultural education, and almost everyone has a love for music. Prepare yourself for a lot of music and dancing, when going there. Interestingly, the patron of the island is St. Gerasimos, the protector of the crazy… which isn't a coincidence…

To summaries, Kefalonia is an island absolutely worth visiting, and you should definitely put this location on your map, the next time you come to Greece. I personally adore this place, and can't wait
Emblisi beach
for my next vacation there.

To close, I would like to note, that Kefalonia is also a great place to host weddings and events, but we will talk about it in more detail in the near future!

Thank you very much for reading, and if you have visited Kefalonia, I'd be happy to learn about your experience from the island. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Interesting ideas for a pre-wedding gathering in Santorini!

Wine tasting at Venetsanot Winery -
When having a destination wedding, it is nice to host a pre-wedding gathering one or two days before the actual wedding to meet with all your family and friends. This is a great way to thank everyone for flying to your wedding, as well as a chance for your guests to get to get to know each other before the wedding day.

You decided to have your wedding in Santorini, and now that all the details have been settled, you are thinking of what to do for the pre-wedding gathering? Thankfully, the island offers a variety of choices for a pre-wedding gathering, from private cocktail gatherings, to fun pre-wedding activities.

Cocktail pre-wedding gathering:

A pre-wedding gathering with cocktails and canapés is a nice way to bring your guests together. You can host a private cocktail gathering at a nice restaurant, that offers such services. Feredini Restaurant in Oia, would be a perfect choice for you. It has a nice, small, private terrace, suitable for a standing gathering for up to 50 persons. Your guests will be treated with delicious canapés, and will be enjoying the caldera view while sipping on their cocktails.

With such pre-wedding gatherings, the key is not to have them too late and make them last too long, as you run the risk of getting your guests drunk, resulting in them being hangover on your wedding. Not something you would want! Host such a gathering an hour before sunset, and exceed it an hour past sunset. Why sunset? Because Santorini has magnificent sunsets, and your guests will appreciate that you gave them the chance to enjoy one, while at your gathering.

Rehearsal Dinner:

You can choose to have a rehearsal dinner just for your family and close friends, or for the whole guest list. Take them to a nice tavern by the sea, giving your guests an opportunity to visit the beach side of the island. Enjoy your evening with your friends, family, and colleagues, trying the local cuisine and the local wine. A nice choice for your rehearsal dinner would be The cave of Nikolas in Akrotiri. It is a family tavern, with amazing food!

No need for the rehearsal dinner to be a fancy one. This is why I wrote "tavern" earlier, as they perfectly combine delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. Having the dinner the "Greek way", or family style as you can otherwise call it, is a nice way to get your guests closer. Pre-order all the dishes you wish to have on the gathering, ask for everything to served at the middle of the table, and let your guests choose what they want to eat and engage in conversations. Just for you to know, the phrase "pass the salad please", could be a great conversation starter!

Catamaran Cruise in the caldera:

Caldera sea Crusie with Barbarossa sailing
The caldera is one of the main attractions of Santorini. If you are not a big fun of the eating/drinking pre-wedding gatherings, and wish for your guests to get more active, take them to a boat trip to the caldera. You can rent a private wooden boat and visit the volcano, the hot springs and the island of Thirasia. If you prefer something more luxurious, book catamarans for your sailing pre-wedding gathering in the caldera.

If you, your family, and your friends are fun loving, them go with Captain Barbarossa and his crew for an unforgettable sailing experience in the caldera. Why is it so special? Because you can engage in a true pirate-like sea fight, with water bombs and squirt guns! Board your families and friends on two different vessels, and find out who's house will seat on the iron throne! And also… have the time of your life!

Wine Tasting:

Wine Museum at Venetsanos Winery
Santorini is famous for its wine products, especially for its dessert wine "Vinsanto". With such a big wine production, it is only natural that Santorini has a number of different wineries. Some of them are located on the caldera, other on the beach side of the island, but all of them offer interesting tours and wine tastings. Organizing a wine tour and wine tasting for your guests, would be a great idea for a pre-wedding gathering, as not only you will give your guests a chance to get to know the history of wine making of Santorini, but also an interesting topic for small talk at the wedding.

You could, for example, book a wine tour at the Koutsogiannopoulos Winery in Mesaria, as it has an amazing museum, and a really beautiful winery. You could also visit the Venetsanos Winery, which is located on the caldera in Megalochori, and after the tour have the wine tasting while the sun is setting, giving your guests a chance to enjoy two of the most popular things Santorini has to offer: wine and sunset!

Santorini has to offer much more, than what described above, so feel free to contact me for additional information.

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish all of you a beautiful evening and a great day!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Random Saturday 7: Winter Blues...

Hello my dear Readers!

Hope you all have been well this week.

This morning was quite challenging for me, to be honest… Actually, the last month has been getting harder and harder for me. Although I feel perfectly well physically (finally), emotionally I've been having a drop, which today had one of its peaks.

It took me four hours to kick me out of bed. I didn't want to do anything, even today's Random Saturday. Eventually, I convinced myself to get out of bed, go for a run and go on with my day. Now, that I'm writing this blog I feel the urge to crawl back to bed and spend the rest of the day watching youtube videos, which of I won't do, as I like to choose work over bed to get over such times.

Yet… even though I know what is the cause for this emotional drop, it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with my daily tasks. Still, I try my best to stay positive and joke about this whole situation. Also, I started training a foal, so it could get accustomed to a halter, so it has been keeping busy and away from gloomy thoughts.  

To be completely honest, ever since I decided to open my own wedding and event planning company, I had a number panic attacks. I get doubts on the decision of starting my own busyness, I have doubts that I will be able to pull through in such critical for the world time. I guess it is a normal feeling, when taking the first steps to a professional independence, so I try not to over think it. I've invented so many ways of motivating myself to go on, that I might write a book about it one day.

Whatever the hardships might be though, I won't stop trying to make Cardoon Events one of the best wedding and event planning companies in Greece, because, as the band "Queen" says "We'll keep on fighting till the end!"

It has been only two and half months since Cardoon Events started, so it would be unfair of me to ask for great result in such a short period of time. It is amazing to know that there are couples contacting me, more and more people are reading this blog, and all the social media are slowly growing. This shows progress, and I'm really happy about it. Every new follower I get on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, fills me with the same excitement I felt as a kid when opening the presents from Santa Claus.

I guess I can start putting some more effort into Cardoon, so I won't feel like I'm procrastinating too much. Everything will turn out good, I know it, because well… I really don't have any other choice. Hehe :p

I also perfectly know that I get the "Winter Blues" around this time of the year, so it is kind of normal for me to get pessimistic! I am a sun and warmth powered person, so winter has been hard me for many years now. We have been having sunny days all week in Santorini, but it wasn't warm enough for me. This made not want to leave my warm, cozy bed, and go outside doing useful staff. I really miss the long, hot, sunny days… they are almost here… almost… here…..aaaaaaah….

On the bright side, I've been hired to work at the "SantoHorse Riding" for this summer season, and it has been a dream of mine to work with horses again, ever since I came to Santorini. If any of your wish to meet in person, you can do so there :p. And no, this won't interfere at all with my work at Cardoon Events. The owners of Santo Horse Riding know that I will be going on some wedding this year, and I will still be able to do all the planning from the stable. I'll have the best office view with the horses around me, the sun, the fresh air! This certainly makes me happy.

I'm terribly sorry that I've been whining for the second Random Saturday in a row, but since wedding planners are human beings too, we are bound to have our sad days, weeks, months. An in any case, Random Saturdays were meant to be a way of you, getting to know me better as a person, rather than just a professional. You'll just got to know the whiny side of me. J

I would like thank all of my friends, who have been on my side from the very beginning of Cardoon Events. I'd like to thank them, for keeping up with all the long faces, frowns, pessimism, panic attacks. They help me turn all that to a positive and energetic attitude towards what I'm doing. At the of the day, I always fall asleep with a smile.

I also want to thank you, my dear reader, for supporting what I'm trying to do, by reading this blogs.

I wish everyone a great evening or day, and a great week in general! 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Secret Café - a place for great coffee, parties, and fun times!

Secret Café is a really nice coffee bar located in Pyrgos, Santorini. I've been coming here for almost two years, to enjoy my morning coffee, relax before my working day, and lately to actually work and bring to you all this blogs.

I would like to dedicate this blog to Secret Café, as I believe it is a pity to visit Santorini and not pop in to this place for a morning coffee or an evening drink.

Secret Café's owner is Katerina, a cheerful and incredibly positive person. She always dreamed of opening her own coffee shop, and she made her dream come true in 2013. Ever since, she's been making everyone's day brighter with her smile and good coffee. She really loves what she does, and pours her soul into it, which really shows in her work.

When entering this place, you will be welcome with a heartwarming smile. The interior of the place is cozy, warm, and it perfectly reflects the amazing character of the owner. All over the walls, you can find writings from the people who visited the place over the years, which adds a beautiful touch to the place. You are of course welcome to leave your own mark on the wall, if you feel like it.

The view from Secret Café does not lack beauty as well. Pyrgos Village, where the café is located, is the highest village of Santorini. Because Secret Café is located in the outskirts of the village, it offers the amazing views of the caldera, and the close by islands when the sky is clear. The view is not restricted with the caldera. You can also enjoy the view of Akrotiri, which is equally breathtaking as the cliffside of Santorini.

Apart from the tasty coffees and great atmosphere of the place, it is also a great location for parties. In Secret Café, you can have any type of party you like: birthday parties, name day parties, divorce parties, hen parties, just a party for a good time! You can choose between a public party, a semi-private party, and a completely private party. Beside the affordable prices, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life when hosting your party at Secret Café.

When asking her why someone who owned a coffee shop decided to host parties as well, her answer was "I like parties! I like listening to music, I like dancing and having fun, and if I can offer all those things to other people, it makes me even happier. I also believe that dancing is an important part of life, because it makes you feel free, it helps you express yourself and forget about your daily problems. As dancing is always part of a party, hosting parties at Secret Café is my way of giving people one more excuse to dance!".

Katerina's moto is "Be yourself and leave your dream!" and she really lives by those words.

When you visit Santorini next time, make sure to come to Pyrgos and enjoy a cup of coffee at Secret Café!

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a lovely day!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

10 tips for a happy and successful marriage!

I dedicated last week's blog about divorce parties and what Santorini has to offer for a post-divorce rejuvenation trip. Although it is nice to start your new life after the divorce with a positive attitude, it is even better not to get to the point where you will need a divorce.

This Monday, I would like to write some tips on how to keep your marriage strong and everlasting. Let's get back to the positive side of life!

1. Don't rush into getting married

One good trick for keeping your marriage for ever, is to know who you are marrying, and for that you need time. Don't rush into marriage if you've only been together for six months or a year. If you believe you have finally met you other half, he or she won't run away if you don't start planning your wedding from the very beginning of your relationship. Invest a couple of years or more into getting to know your significant other, so that you won't have to face any unpleasant surprises once you are a family.

2. Share compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, especially when it comes from your spouse. Even though you have been together forever, and you have exchanged every possible compliment there is, this does not mean that you should stop! Tell your wife that she looks amazing when you see her in the morning, and tell your husband how handsome he looks in his new suit. A small compliment now and then will keep the love in your marriage and make the day of your loved one.

3. Show appreciation

Appreciate the little things your spouse does for you and around the house. Ok, it is really annoying when your are the only person who does the dishes in the house, but your significant other won't appreciate your ironic comment when he or she finally decides to do the dishes. Instead, thank him or her, give a kiss. Not only your spouse will feel good that such a little action was greatly appreciated, but he or she will also be more willing to do the dishes more often.

4. Speak & Listen

Speaking, is proven to be one of the best way to pass information to another person, and listening is the best way to receive this information. If something bothers you, speak to your spouse. If your special someone wants to talk to you about something, listen. Don't let negative thoughts and feelings bottle up. Yes, what you want to say or hear, might not be really pleasant, but it is better to discuss any problems you might have when you are calm, not when you'll burst into uncontrollable anger because you couldn't take it anymore.

5. Have humor and be patient

No one is perfect, we all have our annoying habits, and your significant other is not an exception. What if he never puts the new toilet paper roll at the holder, no matter how many times you told him to do so. Print out a funny instruction about how the holder works and put in the bathroom, for example. It will work as a funny hint, and might actually have a better result than angrily reminding him of that. All of our small habits make us into what we really are, and when marrying your other half, you are agreeing to marry all of those small, annoying habits as well. Instead of fighting over them, laugh about them and be patient… after all you have some of those habits as well.

If he or she is having a bad day, and is acting up without a reason, don't try to prove that he/she is wrong and you are right. Instead, offer a massage, a hot cup of chocolate, give a hug. Your special someone probably needs someone to grumble about things, not someone to argue with.

6. Spend time together

The older we grow, the more responsibilities we have. Be that your career, your children, a new hobby, or your daily chores. This does not mean that you shouldn't try and find some time to spend with your spouse. Enjoy a movie together, cuddle on the couch on a rainy day, set a date night once a week. This will help you relax, get away from your everyday problems, and will keep you close to each other.

7. Share your likes

Along with the habits, all of us have our interests in life. You and your significant other probably already have shared interests. This does not mean that you shouldn't take interest in the other things he or she likes to do. No need to become an expert in the field, but your other half will most certainly appreciate that you wish to learn more about his wood carving hobby. Even better, start a new hobby together, and bond even more by learning something new together.

8. Be supportive

We all have to face small or big challenges in our lives, and take hard decisions. Don't you love when you get the support of your lovely husband or wife over a decision in your life? You probably do, and I bet he or she feels the same way when you are supportive yourself. Even if you feel that you already have enough problems to think about yourself, don't be selfish and spend time to discuss your other half's problems. If your significant other turned to you for an advice and support, it means he or she really needs it. Don't take it away.

9. Stay kinky

This could be a delicate issue for some, but it is still an important subject to keep in mind. It has proven, even scientifically, that getting intimate with your special someone improves your mood, your marriage, your day in general, and it helps you feel close to each other. No matter how long you have been together, you shouldn't take the intimacy away from your life. Keep the romance alive!

10. "I love you honey!"

This is probably the most important of all the above. Don't be shy on telling your spouse you love him or her. Show him or her you love, and appreciate his or her love. There isn't a better thing in the world than being loved by someone you love back. It is not bad or harmful to say "I love you". On the contrary, it is the most beautiful thing you can tell your significant other.

Marriage is not easy. It never was, and probably never will be, but it is in our hands to make it the best adventure of your life, and not seem like an obligation. You married your significant other for a reason, so don't forget that reason when times are hard.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you are happy and loved! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Random Saturday #6: Full Moon...Arooooo!

Hello my dear readers.

Hope all of you have been well this week, and any surprises you had were pleasant!

As you probably already know, last Saturday there was a party at Secret Café, which I of course attended! It was great! What you didn't know, is that on the same night, there was a snow storm in Santorini (!!!) which dressed all of Pyrgos in white! While driving to the party I almost forgot that I was on an island in Greece, and felt that I was in a northern country going on a winter adventure!

Never could I imagined, that I would be playing snowball fight in Santorini, or seeing snowmen on everybody's car. For three days, the mountain of Pyrgos, the "Profitis Ilias" where the monastery is, was white. It was magical, and here is a picture to prove it!

 A couple of days later it felt like the last days of spring. It was sunny and warm, and nothing reminded on the annoyingly low temperatures of the weekend.

… we need to be more careful with the climate, as the weather makes no sense any more…

Also, this week we had a full moon, and I believe I almost transformed into a werewolf. No, I didn't become all furry, didn't grow a tail, and didn't run on four legs, even after the Saturday's party. I just got the nasty, angry, easily angered and easily crying werewolf spirit... ah, good times!


It was the first time the moon had an impact on my mood, and honestly I wish for it to be the last. I would go from calm to angry to crying to calm again in ten minutes! Everything was upsetting me, minor things would make go "hulk" (I didn't smash anything… not physically at least), and I would cry over a broken biscuit.

This whole phase lasted from Monday, when I realized that I didn't want to leave my house. I was getting worse and worse with every day that passed. At some point, I even started to annoy myself, so I begun to look for a logical explanation to this whole behavior. I didn't find it, of course, until yesterday Katerina told me that on Thursday there was a full moon, and I was probably influenced by it.

It made sense, I accepted the fact, I was happy that I found an explanation, and I'm finally on the road to recovery. Hooray!

If the full moon is not to blame, then the only other logical explanation is that my Anger, Fear, and Disgust were in charge of my emotion control mixer, while Sadness and Joy were trying to bring back my core memories. You know… like it happened in "Inside out" with Riley.

If you didn't understand the reference above, I will kindly ask you to see the movie within the next 48 hours. Thank you!

After this fun and unforgettable week, I want to share the following thoughts with you. If all of a sudden, your loved one or a friend goes coo coo, and if of course there is no medical condition to explain what it is happening, don't start calling him or her crazy! He or she are probably as confused as you are, he or she does not know what is happening or why suddenly all those emotions cannot be controlled, whatever methods are applied. All he or she needs is a hug, a hot cup of chocolate or tea, a blanket and a 10-season series to calm down the nerves and don't let that person leave the house. Don't try to give alcohol… it does not help at all. Be patient, be understanding, and choose your words carefully.

Personally, I'm glad this week is over, as no one followed the instructions above.  

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish everyone a great weekend. 

PS: In case you find this blog too silly... blame the moon!! :p

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ideas for a post-divorce rejuvenation trip in Santorini!

Photographer: Christos Trigas -
Santorini is a beautiful island and a lot of people come here to relax, enjoy the views, enjoy the food, and have fun in general. Although the island is famous for weddings, this does not mean that you shouldn't come here to "shake off" any negativity left from your divorce. Gather up with your close friends, and organize a nice trip to Santorini to start your new life on a positive note.

Why choose Santorini for your divorce healing process, and why host a divorce party on the island as well? The main reason, is that Santorini perfectly combines relaxing holidays with party holidays. Whether you wish to spend your holidays by the pool with a cocktail in your hand and a good book, eating at nice restaurants, going to spas and having massages, or you want to party every night and engage in fun activities, Santorini offers both.

Yes, Santorini is so great indeed!

Wine tastings:

Santorini is really famous for its wines, this is the reason for the big number of wineries on the island. Some wineries are located on the caldera, others on the sea side of the island. When visiting Santorini, arrange with your friends to have a wine tour at one of Santorini's wineries, for some wine tasting and to learn the history of wine making.

My two favorite wineries are the KoutsogiannopoulosWinery in Mesaria and the Venetsanos Winery in Megalochori.

Koutsogiannopoulos Winery has an amazing museum, which takes you to a journey of Santorini's wine making history, combined with wine tasting after the tour. Venetsanos Winery, which is located on the cliffs of the caldera, also has a nice museum to visit. Afterwards, you can stay for the wine tasting, while enjoying the amazing view the winery offers.

Have a tour to both wineries and enjoy the famous wines of Santorini.

Spa & Massage:

Massages and spa treatments are known to relax both body and soul. Santorini has a number of different spa centers, and most of the hotels offer massages to their guests. One of the first things you should do upon arriving on the island, is having a spa day, to relax after the journey and to begin your rejuvenating Santorini visit with positive energy.

Don't forget to visit one of the fish spa that Santorini has. This will surely be an experience to remember! Also, it is especially important to keep your feet in good health with all the dancing and walking that is to take place on the island!


Beside the views, the wine, the spas, Santorini also has a lot of fun activities to do. Rent quad bikes, for example, and have a tour around the island. Go from one end of the island to the other, and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Go horse riding in Akrotiri to add some adventure to your rejuvenation trip. Horses are known to have therapeutic properties for your body and your mind. Agree, you might be a bit sore after the ride, but believe me when I say, that you will recharge your excitement batteries to the full!

Enjoy a day at the beach with water sports! Visit Perissa beach. Go parasailing, go on a water bike ride, go on a jet ski ride on the caldera. If you are not a water sport type, then go to cycling tour! Create new, fun memories and experiences.

Divorce Party:

So, you've been at the wineries, had your spa treatments, when horse riding and to your jet ski ride. It's time to party! Here are some things you might find helpful.

Fira is the party center of the island, as most of the clubs and bars are located there. If you wish to spend a night partying at the clubs, then Fira is the perfect location for you. Fira has mostly mainstream bars, so if you are into that kind of music, you will be at right spot.

If you wish to party by the beach, then go to Perissa or Kamari. There, you can find bars that play mainstream music, rock music, rock n' roll, reggae, Greek music. Music for all the tastes! During summer, there are also a lot of live bands playing in the bars, so you if you wish to listen to some live music, you most certainly be able to find what you wish for.

In case you desire to have a private, all night divorce party, or a semi-private house-party style celebration, then go to Secret Café in Pyrgos. Should you wish to have a quiet divorce party with your really close friends, its cozy upper floor area will make you feel at home. If you want to have a grand celebration, then you can rent the whole place, and party all night long!

Upper floor of Secret Cafe in Pyrgos

Santorini is a truly a calming island, and it will surely help you heal after a divorce. If you are worrying that seeing all those brides around the island will bring bitter memories, then you shouldn't. On the contrary, being at a such a romantic place might actually help you wake up all those feelings and dreams about love, so that you will be ready again to meet with your true other half.

If you wish to organize your own an post-divorce rejuvenation trip to Santorini, feel free to email me for ideas!

As always, thank you very much for reading and I wish you a lovely day!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Divorce parties - general thoughts.

In this blog I would like to talk about divorce parties. Divorce parties are still considered to be a contradictory subject, even though they are becoming more and more popular as time passes by. It also might sound weird for a wedding planner to speak of such a subject. I love organizing any types of celebrations and parties, and I personally find the idea of a divorce party to be a good way to celebrate the beginning of a new life.

I don't believe there are people out there, who would dream about their divorce and anticipate it. Unfortunately, not everyone of us have the luck of meeting their "one and only" on the first try, moreover to marry him or her. Sometimes people get married too young, too soon, too excited to actually see who they are marrying. Sometimes circumstances lead to a loving couple separating. Whatever the reason for a divorce might be, it is not a pleasant time for those getting it. This is why, when the time a right, a divorce party is a good way to leave the bitterness of the separation behind.

In my opinion, a divorce party is a great way to celebrate the transaction into your new life. It is not mean, it is not shallow, it is not meaningless. The same way we could celebrate our leaving from a job we hated, or that we finally decided to move from a house that didn't quite suit us, celebrating the end of an unhappy marriage is a great way to start your new life on a happy note.

Divorce parties are not meant to get nasty about your ex spouse, say bad things about him or her, burn his or her stuff and be generally mean to a person you used to love and be in love with. It is meant to have a good time with close friends, and even family, if they don't mind attending such a party. It is a reason to have fun, dance, create positive memories to replace the sad ones.

As I see it, a divorce party is not a way to get over your ex spouse, but a way to celebrate that you have finally gotten over him or her and ready to start your new life. I don't believe it is a good idea to make the party a week after you decided to separate, as you probably won't feel really excited at that point. As a rule, break ups are followed by sad thoughts, a reminiscing of the love you used to have. Taking all those negative emotions and mixing them up with alcohol consumption, will most probably have disastrous results. As mentioned above, the divorce party is meant to celebrate your new life, not cry over the life you used to have. Better wait until you are over the break up to throw such a party.

Some divorces end in good terms, and the ex-spouses remain good friends. Just because you couldn't make it as husband and wife, it does not mean you shouldn't stay good friends. If this is your case, and if you both feel comfortable with it, you could even have the divorce party together. This way you will be able to show your common friends that you are in good terms, and that there won't be a reason for them to feel weird when hanging out with either of you.

It is not a good idea to have your children attending the party, regardless of their age. Even if you ended up your marriage in perfectly good terms with your ex spouse, it is still a traumatic experience for your children and they won't understand this celebration. Arrange for them to stay at their grandparents or any other relative, and have fun without them.

To sum up, I believe that divorce parties are a good way to celebrate your new life, and a good excuse to have a fun evening full of positive emotions and memories after a sad period of your life Have a gathering with friends at your house, go to nice club, or even organize a nice trip to a country you like, to make it even more fun. Live your life to the fullest, and don't let bad moments ruin your future.

I would be really interested in learning your opinion on the matter, so feel free to comment or send me an email expressing your thoughts on divorce parties.

In Thursday's post I will share some ideas on how you could "shake-off" your divorce in Santorini and start your new life feeling fresh and happy.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a lovely day! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Random Saturday #5: Don't be afraid to smile!

Hello my dear readers!

I hope everyone had a positively unforgettable new year celebration and that 2017 has been good to you so far.

Today is the name day of Giannis, which is the Greek version of the name Johnny, so I would like to wish a happy name day to all of the Johnnies in your life!

In dedication to this day Secret Café in Pyrgos is organizing a party - "Johnny's Day" ! I can't wait for it! I haven't been to a party in a while and I really need to go to one, so yes.. I feel pretty excited!

I decided to dedicate this Random Saturday to Katerina, the owner of Secret Café in Pyrgos, a really good friend of mine and an amazing person in general. I won't get into detail about her life, because well… its personal information, but I'll just say that whatever unpleasant surprises life brought her, she is still strong and smiling. She never gives up and have achieved amazing things. She is an inspiration to me.

I met Katerina when I was working across the street from the her coffee shop, at the wedding planning office. That period of time wasn't the best for me, not because of the job, but because I was already feeling that my marriage was falling apart and would soon end. I wasn't smiling a lot and didn't really feel like interacting with people. Whoever moody I was, every time I went to get my morning coffee, Katerina would greet me with her big, honest smile, which would make me smile even if I didn't feel like it. She was one of the few people I didn't mind interacting with.

We became friends this summer. To keep myself away from unnecessary stress, I thought of the "morning coffee" ritual (not a creative name, I know). Every morning, before stepping my foot into the office, I would always first go to Secret Café for my morning cup of coffee. With every day that passed, and the more we would chat, we started bonding. It didn't matter if I had a good morning or a bad morning, she would always manage to make me smile and change my attitude to a positive one, even on the day when my car broke on a crossroad…

Getting ready for "Johhny's Day"
It always amazed me, and still does, that she always stays positive and is always smiling, whatever might be going on in her life. In summer, she was working at a hotel and at Secret Café. She was working for almost 16 hours or more every day, and never ever lost her enthusiasm for life. I admire that in her, and she helped me a lot be positive myself.

Through her, I realized how important it is to have such people in your life, and how a simple smile could change your day and make it better. I wish everyone could have a Katerina in their life! I learned how to confront any troubles life can bring with a joke and a positive attitude. She always helps me with advices, listens to my problems and always cheers me up! I never left her coffee shop in a bad mood.

Katerina is the person who is never afraid to smile!

When you visit Santorini, make sure to pass by her coffee shop. Its name is Secret Café and it is located in Pyrgos, right next to the pharmacy. She makes great coffee by the way! ;)

Stay positive, don't lose your smile, and have a great Johnny's Day!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Santorini marriage proposal ideas!

I've already wrote two posts about marriage proposals in the past, in the first expressing my personal thoughts on the topic, and giving some advice on what not to do when proposing in the second. I've also mentioned, that it is a good idea to combine your marriage proposal with a nice holiday at a different country. Why not have your marriage proposal while travelling to Santorini then? 

Santorini has a lot to offer to couples in love, from its wonderful sunsets and amazing scenery to fun activities to do on the island, and there are plenty of ways to make your marriage proposal unique and memorable.

Dinner proposal:

Wedding Venue - Gem Villa
Popping the question over a nice, romantic dinner is probably the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of a marriage proposal. Combined with the amazing views that Santorini has to offer, your special someone will most certainly appreciate the location that you chose.

Santorini has a number of perfect venues for an unforgettable private or semi-private proposal dinner. The perks of a private dinner, is that since you will be having the place to yourself, you can decorate it to make it look even more beautiful for your special dinner.

Just imagine, having the table set-up under a white canopy decorated with flowers, a chandelier, candles all over the terrace. All that, combined with a magical sunset and the breathtaking views of Santorini's cliffside and the volcano. It is truly magical.

If you wish to make the evening even more memorable, add fireworks! Pop the question after the sun sets, and once your other half says her or his "Yes", launch the fireworks! It will be a perfect way to express your enthusiasm and happiness for this new chapter in your life!

Private Cruise:

Wish to propose in not a so "traditional" way? Go to a private sunset catamaran cruise. Not only you will have a chance to visit the volcano, the hot springs, maybe even the island of Thirasia if you have the time, but you will also add a touch of adventure to your marriage proposal.  

Inform the cruise company in advance of your decision to make a proposal during your trip. The company will be able to make suggestions on the best location and timing of the proposal. The crew, which you will have on the day, will also be able to assist you with the proposal.

There are a number of ways to propose on the catamaran. You could, for example, ask the crew to put the ring in a champagne glass, and serve the champagne to you and your other half during the sunset. You could even propose at the volcano, since you will most probably visit it. Not many people do that, so it will be a pleasant surprise to your future Mrs. or Mr.

Think outside the box:

If both of you are adventurous types, then organize fun activities on the island and ask for her or his hand during one of those activities. After the "Yes!!!!" ,go to a nice restaurant, tavern, or club to celebrate.

What fun activities you could do on the island? A lot!! Thankfully, Santorini has plenty of things to do, besides enjoying the local wine at the pool of your hotel during sunset. Plan three of four days of activities and have the time of your life in Santorini.

On the first day go on a speed boat ride or jet-ski ride. Make the traditional visit of the caldera sea more fun and memorable! If you are into water sports in general, plan to spend a day in Perivolos and visit Crazy Waterspots. I believe you will have a great time ;)

Horse Riding on Eros Beach by .
Photography by
Spend the second day exploring Akrotiri. Go the excavation point to see the ancient city and dive into the history of the island. Don't forget to visit the famous red beach afterwards.

After all that, make sure to stop at the Santo HorseRiding for an unforgettable horse riding trip in Santorini. You will be able to see locations and scenery of the island, which you would otherwise miss, since they are not easily accessible by car. Not only that, but the pictures of you and your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend on horses on the black beach, will make a great addition to your proposal photo album.

Cycling tours in Santorini -
On the third day, go for a cycling tour around the island! There are many routs available for every taste. Choose the one you like the most, and explore Santorini even more! Visit Santorini Adventures for more information.

Going for a horse riding trip or cycling tour, will give you the chance to make the marriage proposal at the most amazing spot on the island, making the moment for ever remembered by you and your special someone.

If you wish to learn more about what Santorini has to offer for more unforgettable marriage proposals, you are welcome to contact me directly and together we will find what will be the best way to pop the question!

Thank you very much for reading and I wish you a lovely day!