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Santorini caldera wedding venues!

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The island of Santorini is popular for various different things, but the most magical of what she offers are the mesmerizing caldera views. The colors of the soil of the cliff side are beautiful as they are, but combined with the hundreds of the traditional white houses, hanging from the cliff, and the churches with the blue domes, is what makes the caldera view so breathtaking.

That's not the only beauty that Thira has to offer. From every point of the cliff side you can see the "Nea Kameni", which is the volcano of Santorini. Another unique feature of Santorini is the small island of Thirasia, an island that used to be part of Stroggili, as the island was once called, but was separated after the big explosion that happened more than 3.000 years ago!

Last, but not least, let's not forget about the amazing sunsets that you can enjoy every evening from the caldera. The greatest part is, is that you can view the sunset from all parts of the cliff side of Santorini, and love it more and more with every time.

With all that in mind, I totally understand why all those couples choose Santorini for their destination wedding. They get the most stunning wedding photos, they create everlasting memories for everyone on the guest list, and all what the island has to offer, make a wedding in Santorini the most romantic a couple could have.

And of course, adding to all the above, the wedding venues on the cliff side are the most amazing place someone could get married. Just imagine having your wedding at the very edge of a cliff, with all the Aegean sea at your feet?

When it comes to wedding venues located at the caldera side of Santorini, you can choose between having the wedding at a hotel or a private wedding venue. There are some differences between the two options, and both choices offer different advantages.

Hotels can be really convenient, if you are having a small 20-30 person weddings, and wish for all of your friends and family to stay together at one place. You won't have to spend extra on the transportation, and your guests won't get tired with the trip to the venue.

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If you choose to have your wedding at a hotel, it is always better to book the entire hotel for yourself. One major reason for this, is that this will be a guarantee for full privacy on the wedding day. Most hotels, that offer to host weddings at their premises, have a separate area for the ceremony and reception, which won't be accessible from the rest of the guests of the hotel. Still, there is a possibility that a curious person might accidentally crash your wedding party. Booking the whole hotel for your wedding guests, will help avoid such surprises.

You should also keep in mind, that hotels have even more strict noise restrictions on music levels and duration, as they don't wish to disturb any of the other hotel guests' staying there. But if you are having the whole place for yourself, you won't have to worry about that.

A couple of great hotels, that offer the amazing caldera views, as well as terraces for weddings, are the Cavo Tagoo suites and the Hara's Houses in Imerovigli. Those are both small hotels, perfect for small intimate weddings at your doorstep.

Caldera wedding venues offer different advantages from the hotel venues. One great advantage of a wedding venue, is that by paying for the private use of the venue, you will get exactly that - 100% privacy for your wedding. Admittedly, you might find that the rental fee for private use of a venue is higher than that of the hotel. On the other hand, when having a wedding at a caldera venue, you are free to choose to stay at a beach hotel, thus saving some money on accommodation, plus enjoying the sea every day of your Santorini visit, but still get the magnificent caldera views on your wedding day.

Another advantage of caldera wedding venues are that because they are made especially for weddings and events, they are shaped in a way to fit the needs of a wedding. This means, that you will be able
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to have your wedding ceremony at a terrace perfect for wedding ceremonies, and the dinner area will be made in a way to have your dance floor not mixed together.

Whether you choose to have your wedding at a hotel on the cliff side or a caldera wedding venue, you will still enjoy the wonderful sunset and the picturesque views, Santorini is so famous about.

Next week, I will write about one of the most popular, and for a good reason, caldera wedding venues of Santorini - Le Ciel. Stay tuned, to find out more information on this one of a kind wedding venue!

Thank you very much for reading. I wish you all a lovely day!

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