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All you need to know for your wedding at Le Ciel wedding venue

Picture taken from Le Ciel's official website
I've already shared my thoughts on why I believe the amazing cliff sife wedding venue Le Ciel is a great choice for your Santorini destination wedding. I've also discussed what are some of the advantages of having your wedding there. Now it is time to dive into more detail about this fantastic venue, so you could know everything you need to know when planning your wedding there.

When reserving Le Ciel for your ceremony and reception, you will have the venue from 4 pm till 1 am, 4 pm being the time your guests can start arriving at the venue. You should know, that it is not possible to extend the rental duration beyond 1am, due to the strict noise restrictions in the caldera area. But, you shouldn't worry too much about that, as Le Ciel is located only 10 minutes by car from Fira, where all the clubs and bars are located, and you can easily transfer your party there, after the venue is closed.

If you wish to reserve the venue just for your wedding ceremony, you can easily do so for a morning ceremony between 10am and 12pm.

The rental fee of Le Ciel includes a separate wedding ceremony terrace, with a white gazebo with white curtains, some lanterns for decoration, a beautiful ceremony table, and chivari chairs for your guests. At that terrace, you can not only host your ceremony, but also have your cocktail hour. You and your guests will most certainly enjoy the fantastic view of the terrace, while sipping on your delicious cocktails.

Picture taken from Le Ciel's official website
Le Ciel's rental fee includes a DJ for the duration of your wedding, as well as a sound system and lights for the party, and a spacious dance floor. You are free to send the venue a playlist for the whole event, or if you don't feel like it, just send ten to twenty songs, so that the DJ couldn't understand what kind of music you would like to be playing on your wedding. Whatever your choice might be, make sure to send the playlist at least a month before the wedding, so that they DJ could prepare for your wedding day.

As mentioned in the previous blog post regarding Le Ciel, the venue has its own bar and kitchen, which is really convenient when it comes to a destination wedding, as you won't need to look for extra vendors for your wedding day. Both their drink and food menus offer a great variety of options to choose from.

Picture taken from Le Ciel's official website
Let's start with the open bars. I would like to mention, that Le Ciel offers different open bar packages for the ceremony and the reception. This is quite handy, especially if you don't want your guests to start drinking too early.

You can easily arrange to have a mocktail welcome drink for your guests upon their arrival to the venue, then have a unlimited champagne for after the ceremony, and light, sparkling wine based cocktails for the cocktail hour! All that with just one package! Convenient, right?

Le Ciel's reception drink packages are suitable for every budget. You can choose to have just unlimited Santorini wine served during the dinner and the party, and let your guests pay for any spirit they would like to order. If you don't want for your guests to spend money on your wedding day, you can order to have a full inclusive open bar package with unlimited refills of all the alcoholic beverages the venue has to offer.

Picture taken from Le Ciel's official website
As with the open bars, the food menus Le Ciel offer a great variety as well, so will be able to satisfy all of your guests' tastes . Le Ciel offers meat menus, fish menus, vegeterian, vegan menus, gluten free menus, kids menus. And if you have a guests with a, say, cucumber allergy, Le Ciel will make sure that, that particular guest will have its courses without any cucumbers. Le Ciel can be pretty flexible with its menus, if required, as long as you finalize the menus two to three months prior the wedding.

For the reception, you can choose between having a sit-down menu and a buffet menu. You should know, that if you plan on having more than 60 persons attending your wedding, you will have to choose from the buffet menus only. You can mix and match the existing menus, and when it comes to the buffet menus, you can create your own from scratch, choosing from the dishes Le Ciel has to offer.

Don't know which menu to choose? Arrange a food tasting with Le Ciel, to make your decision easier.

It is really important to have transportation arranged for your wedding in Le Ciel, both for you and your guests. You don't want your guests driving after all the drinks they've had at your wedding, and you don't want any of the guests arriving late for the ceremony. Include transportation costs to your wedding budget, to make everyone's life easier!

Picture taken from Le Ciel's official website
Another important details about Le Ciel, is that due to law restrictions, fireworks are not allowed at that part of the caldera. You can easily replace fireworks with floor fountains, dry ice effect and other interesting and unique special wedding effects. Need help finding those special effects for your wedding? Contact Pro Support to find what they have to offer.

To sum up, Le Ciel is an amazing cliff side wedding venue, not just because of the breathtaking caldera and sunset view, but for much, much more!

They are getting booked pretty fast, so make sure to reserve your wedding date there as fast as possible. 

Visit the official website of Le Ciel wedding venue for more information - 

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a lovely day! 

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