Thursday, March 16, 2017

Country Weddings in Santorini!

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Having your wedding closer to nature, especially when the days are long and warm, is always a great idea. What an easier way to do so, than have a country style wedding? You can host your wedding at the country side, in a barn, at your holiday home. Don't have the opportunity to run away into nature for your wedding? Not to worry. You can still have a wonderful country style set up on your wedding day, even in an indoor venue. All you need, are the correct decorations.

When you think about a country wedding, the first that comes to mind are those wonderful wooden barns, stylish cowboy boots, hey and horses. So, it is only natural for you to wonder, how would a country style wedding fin on an island like Santorini? I say, perfectly!

First off, let's start with the ceremony, as this is the beginning of a wedding. Whether on a caldera venue, or a beach venue, you can still recreate the country style you are looking for. The first detail is the aisle. Something simple like two wine barrels in the beginning on the aisle, with a wonderful flower arrangements on top, will be enough to give your ceremony the barn feeling. Put some simple, white chairs for the guests, and you have completed the image.

Whether you choose to have a gazebo or not, for the bride and groom to stand under during the ceremony, it can be decorated in the same matter that the aisle is. Use two similar wooden, wine barrels on each side of the gazebo, or next to the ceremony table, decorate them with beautiful and rich floral arrangements, and ta da!! Country wedding! To make the gazebo look even more impressive, add an additional layer of white curtains.  

Wish to make it even more fun? Use cowboy hats as flower baskets for the flower girls. Incorporate some horse shoes to the decoration, both for good luck, and the country feeling. And of course, have a country song as your entrance song!

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Done with the ceremony, it's time to think about the reception. Here is where most of the work and creativity will be required, to achieve that country feeling you are going for, and make you and your guests feel like they are out in the country side!

Country weddings have the wooden element strongly in them, meaning that a lot of decorations are made from wood. On other words, wooden decorative items are the first thing you should think about. So…Barrels! Again! They are amazing to use for a sweet or welcome table, and using them at the reception will make the transaction from the ceremony area to the reception much smoother.

Another way to use wooden decorations, is to make awesome DIY decorations from pallets. Examples? You can make really cute welcome signs for your guests, at the entrance of the reception venue. Pallets can also be used to make your photo booth look like a real barn! Don't forget about the wooden crates. Use them as flowers pots with beautiful flower compositions. Place the crates around the venue, for a country style decoration.

A country wedding should have mason jars in it, or there will be something missing. You can use them as glasses for the refreshing, non-alcoholic welcome drinks for your guests upon their arrival at the venue. You can also use them for as vases, to put the flowers for the table centerpieces. Mason jars can even be used at the sweet table, as jars for the various candies.

To give your reception even more of that country feeling, don't forget to use tin buckets when decorating the venue. As with the all of the above, tin buckets are quite versatile. They can be used for your floral arrangements at the bar, the sweet or wish table, or even at the dinner tables when having the right size. Another smart and fun way to include tin buckets to the decoration, is using them as coolers for the drinks during the ceremony. Ask the bartender to fill the buckets with ice and bottles of beer, and have them placed near the dance floor, or at the bar, so that anyone could grab a beer easily.

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What am I forgetting… ah! Fairy lights! Fairy lights are the key, into making your guests feel like they're under the night sky full of stars. They are also great decorative items for the head table, the bar, the candy bar. You can use them as curtains, wrap them around the bar, place them over the dance floor. Whatever feels more beautiful for you.

Last, but not least, let's talk about the flowers used for a country wedding in Santorini, as without them the decoration will be incomplete. Since country weddings are close to nature, the flowers you can use for the wedding can be simple wildflowers and herbs, you could easily find in the country side: Sunflowers, daisies, aster, thyme, lavender, to name a few. As for the colors, you are allowed to use any color combination you like, and still have a great country wedding style!

Those are just some ideas for a country style wedding here in Santorini. If you love barn weddings and Santorini, and need help combining those two, feel free to contact Cardoon Events for some help and advice!

Thank you very much for reading! I wish you a lovely day!


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    1. Thank you Mark. Weddings always leave us with great memories and positive feelings.