Monday, March 6, 2017

Le Ciel: A magnificent wedding venue on Santorini's cliff side

Le Ciel's magnificent view! 
Santorini… the magical sunsets, the amazing views, the picturesque scenery. I believe I have used those particular words to describe Thira in most of the blog posts I wrote. Those words don't lie, and those are some of the main reasons people visit this island and come to have their wedding here. Santorini is an undoubtedly magical island for the most romantic wedding you could ever imagine.

But where to have your wedding on Santorini's cliff side? Thankfully, the island has a number of beautiful private wedding venues to choose from, and one of the best is Le Ciel wedding venue in Imerovigli. Located just outside of the main square of Imerovigli, and surrounded by luxurious caldera hotels, this venue would be a great choice to host your wedding at the Caldera of Santorini.

What makes Le Ciel wedding venue so special?

Let's start with the location. As already mentioned, Le Ciel is located not far away from the heart of Imerovigli, the tallest point of the cliff side of Santorini. This gives Le Ciel a perfect view of the caldera and an even better view of the sunset. During the day, you won't have anything distracting you from the amazing beauties of Santorini's cliff side, and at night you will be enjoying the view of Oia, with its thousands little lights in the dark.

When in Le Ciel, you and your guests have the opportunity to witness one of the best sunsets of Santorini. The sun will set right in front of you, between Oia and the small island of Thirasia. I've seen a lot of sunsets as I've been living in Santorini for a while, so they don’t move me as much, but when I have the chance to have a wedding at Le Ciel, I'll always pop out with the guests to enjoy the sun hiding behind the horizon.

Another great advantage of Le Ciel, is that it is located close to hotels, meaning that you won't have to worry about where to find accommodation for you, your family, and your guests. Right next to the venue, there is the Cavo Tagoo Hotel, which will make a great choice to house all your bridal party and your family for the upcoming wedding. If you book the entire hotel for yourself, you can even host there a lovely pre-wedding party!

Le Ciel comes with a DJ and a sound system, a bar and a kitchen, meaning that you won't have to worry about looking into catering companies or professionals to take care of your entertainment for the night. Everyone who works at the venue, are highly professional, and will provide you with high class services, that will make your wedding day even more memorable.

It is worth noticing, that they have amazing food! The chefs take care of every minor detail, making sure that your dish will not only taste heavenly, but will also look appetizingly beautiful. Even though Le Ciel has a gourmet kitchen, no guest will leave the table hungry, something that is definitely a plus!

Le Ciel is a relatively new wedding venue in Santorini. It opened its doors in the summer of 2015. Although it is such a young venue, it does not show in the high level of their services. When you first contact Le Ciel, you will be greeted warningly by Themis or Nefeli, and you will be provided with all the information you need to know about the venue. Both of them are kind, patient and understanding, making you wedding planning process as easy as it could only be. They will help you with any additional information you might need, suggest wedding planners to work with, should you not have one, and will make sure that everything will go smoothly and as planned on the actual wedding day. It is always a pleasure working with them, from day one!

Want to learn more about this one of kind wedding venue? Stay tuned to read Thursday's wedding blog, where I'll talk in more detail about Le Ciel.

Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a lovely day!

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