Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 wedding trends

2017 is right around the corner, and with it, the new wedding trends are coming. This year brings a lot of interesting things to the wedding world and keeps some amazing trends from 2016. In this blog, I will write about the top 10 trends that I personally loved!

1. Bring some color to your life

This year adding color to your wedding is going to be a "thing". Having a wedding dress of a light pink, light blue, or any other color you like the most, will add an interesting touch to the whole event. Give your bridesmaids to choose between 2 -3 different shades for their dresses. Add color to your flowers and other decorations, anything from blush shades to vivid colors. Make your wedding day bright!

2. Wedding cakes are fun

Ombre cakes, painted cakes, doughnut cakes! Add color to your wedding cake as well, get creative! Although white cakes will never go out of fashion, why not have a colorful cake and make it an inseparable part of your wedding decoration. Not a big fan of traditional tired cakes? Order your wedding cake to be made from doughnuts, cupcakes, macaroons or any other sweet you like. Be unique!

3. Hanging decoration

I find the idea of hanging decorations absolutely wonderful! Not only this is a unique way to decorate your wedding reception, but it is also really practical. No more struggles to get comfortable at the dinner table, simply because there isn't enough room left due to the big floral centerpiece. Have small floral and candle centerpieces on the tables and go crazy with the hanging decoration.

4. Go Green!

In 2017 greenery will be quite a popular choice for wedding decorations. Starting from the bridal bouquet, ending with the cake decorations. Mix the greenery with some white flowers and the final result will be outstanding! This is an especially nice idea if you plan on having your wedding in Santorini.

5. Rustic theme still going strong.

Lanterns, candles, burlap, wood, barrels! They all will stay with us in 2017. With this wedding decoration style, whether you choose to have simple decorations, or bring tons of flowers, the end result will still look really, really nice! This is also the style for those of you who love to make their own wedding decorations! It is a DIY heaven!

6.Jumpsuits and cropped wedding dresses

I couldn't help but notice the wedding dress trends for 2017. I've already mentioned the colored wedding dresses, but the most amazing trend is that it is not necessary for a wedding dress to be a… dress! Cropped, two piece wedding dresses look outstanding. They should also be much more comfortable to wear during the whole wedding day. But the best part are the jumpsuit wedding dresses. Not all of us feel comfortable in dresses, and with the big variety of jumpsuit dresses to choose from, everyone will feel both beautiful and comfortable.

7. Interesting Sweet tables.

It is becoming more and more fashionable to have a big sweet tables, with various sweets decorated in interesting ways. Hang your doughnuts, use ferris wheel cupcake stands, marshmallow trees. Let your imagination free and make a sweet table to be remembered.

8.Handmade favours

Favours are a great way to thank your guests for sharing with you your special day. Why not make it even more special by having handmade favours at your wedding? This is one really nice wedding trend which will be with us in 2017. Get crafty and surprise your guests!

9. Charity

Wouldn't it be really nice and thoughtful of you, to give the money you would spend on wedding favours to charity. This is a great way to give back to society, and I'm sure that your guests would appreciate such a choice. Your wedding day is a happy day for you. Share your happiness with even more people, by donating to change someone's life.

10. Be yourself!

By reading all the blogs and magazines which spoke about the 2017 wedding trends, I've come to realize one really important thing - 2017 will be a year where you can show your personality through your wedding. This is probably the most amazing trend which 2017 will bring us… this and doughnuts!

Thank you very much for reading! I wish you a lovely day and I'll see you again on Saturday for the Random Saturday #4! 

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