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When is the best time to get married in Santorini?

Santorini is wonderful place all over the year. Not only because of its landscapes and views, but also due to its weather conditions. It doesn't rain often on the island, although when it does you better hide. We are lucky enough to have sunny days almost all year long. Even now, while I'm writing this post, I can see the sun picking though the clouds (I started to write the post last week… today is a disaster!). Winter is relatively warm and pleasant, with the only exception being the days with north winds. In general Santorini is a paradise.

Someone may ask, if the weather in Santorini is so good all year, why does the wedding season is from April till October? Circumstances mostly. Greece in general is considered a summer resort, and Santorini is not the exception to this rule. There have been a rise in winter tourism the past couple of years, so this might actually change soon. With the tourist season expanding from March till November, the wedding season will do so as well.

Another reason why winter weddings are not yet a thing in Santorini, is that there are barely any venues with indoor halls on the island. If you decide to get married in Santorini in winter and you will be unlucky enough to get a rainy and windy day on your wedding, you and all of your guests will get soaked to the bone before the ceremony even begins. Don't get discouraged though, as there are clever solutions to any problem… like choosing an indoor space for example. Oceanids Estate tossed the idea of winter weddings, and their indoor location is perfect!

So, when is the best time to come and get married in Santorini? Anytime is a good time, and you should really choose based on your own preferences. If, for example, you like extremely warm days, July and August would be perfect for you. If you prefer cooler temperatures, then go with April or October. Each month has its good and bad face, and I'm here to show them to you:

April - Soooo beautiful!!  

April is a wonderful month to come and visit Santorini. It finally gets warm enough to feel comfortable without a coat, the days are getting longer and nature puts on her best dress. Everything blossoms! The whole island is green, the caldera is green and colorful, even the volcano is covered in flowers and grass. The weather is also quite pleasant, but still offers some surprises. In April, we get warm, summer-like days, as well as cold winter days. Thankfully, the warm days happen much more often than the rainy ones.

So, why come to Santorini in April, if there is a risk of having your wedding day ruined by a sudden rain? Well, because the nature and the colors of the island are absolutely worth the risk. Your wedding pictures will be amazing! I personally adore April. When having a wedding in Santorini during April, be sure to book a venue that includes an indoor area, so that you could be safe from the rain and wind. Be prepared for cold evenings and nights, so don't forget to bring warm clothes with you, not just your swimming suites and shorts. 

May - is it summer yet?

May reminds more and more of summer. They days are getting long and warm. There is still a possibility of a rainy day, but if it rarely rains in April, you can imagine that the rainy days in May are so few, that there isn't much reason to worry about them. The only drawback are the evenings - they can get a bit chilly, so inform your guests to bring jackets with them, should you have an outdoor reception.

If you decide to have your wedding in Santorini in May, there are some things you should know to reassure that your wedding day will be a success. Consider having your wedding reception at an indoor location, so you could be safe from the cold and a possible rain. Plan to have your ceremony start around 16:00 - 17:00. This way, it will start when the day is still warm. As mentioned above, don't forget to inform your guests to bring something warm with them, so they won't get cold once the sun sets. If the venue or restaurant you chose for your wedding does not have an enclosed area, have a plan B.

Keep also in mind, that the last week of May is quite popular for weddings, so make all your bookings as early as possible, should you wish to have your wedding during that time!

June - beach season is on!

It is officially summer, though the weather might not agree with this statement completely. For the last couple of years, the first half of June reminded more of a late spring, rather than the unbearably hot Greek summer. But there are no rains, which is good. As June proceeds it becomes warmer and warmer until finally summer sets in for good.

Don’t get frustrated if you wake up on your wedding day and the sky is full of clouds. At some point during the day it will clear up and you will enjoy the sunshine. Even if the sky is cloudy, don't forget to use sunscreen. You might not feel the heat, but this doesn't mean it is not there.

If you wish to have small gifts for your guests for the ceremony, sun glasses with the date of your wedding and hand fans would be a great, handy gift. If you or any of your guests get cold easily - jackets! Bring jackets!! When the sun has set, it might get uncomfortable for those of us (I'm one of you) who get cold easily.

As with May, the first week of June is quite popular for weddings, so don't take too long to make your bookings.

July & August - hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!!  

Summertime!! Yes, it is official, the warm hot, long summer days are finally here. The beaches are full, the tan is getting nice and even. The island gets more and more tourists every day, we start to get traffic in Fira, the bars are full, the clubs are full, there are people everywhere! It is the high season for Santorini, so don't wait till the very last minute to make hotel reservations.

It is recommended to have your ceremonies around 17:00 - 18:30 during those two months. The later - the better. The heat can become so unbearable, that you or your guests might miss out the fun, trying to hide from the sun. The sunset is at 20:40 on July 1st and at 19:47 on August 31st, so don’t  worry about not having enough daylight when having the ceremony at the time mentioned. I guarantee that you will still enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. This is also a perfect time for a beach wedding.

Sunscreen should become your best friend - before the wedding, during the wedding, after the wedding, especially if you have pale skin!

When planning the transportation for you and your guests, take into consideration the traffic in Fira, and in some other points of Santorini. The traffic points, which can get quite nasty, may result in having people arriving late for the wedding.

Take good care of your guests, and offer them cool, non-alcoholic drinks throughout the wedding. Keep them, and yourself, hydrated to avoid any heat strokes.

September - the wedding month!

For reasons, that I don't yet know, September is the most popular month for a wedding in Santorini. It could be because of the weather - it is not extremely warm, neither it gets too cold in the evening. It may also be because of the prices on hotels and flights - September is considered mid-season, so the prices are usually lower than in August and July. It may also be that the positive energy flows of the island are on their peak! Whatever the reasons are, book early if you wish to get married in Santorini in September.

September is still considered a summer month for us, even though it is technically autumn, so sunscreen, hand fans, sun glasses, and hats are still pretty handy. Since the days are getting shorter, the ceremonies should also start earlier. The best time to start a ceremony in September is around 16:00 - 17:00.

If you plan on having your wedding towards the end of September, it would be a good idea to think about having the reception in an indoor venue, just to be on the safe side. It might get windy and you don't want your salad flying all over the place.

October is the new May!

Yes, October is much like May, except for the fact that the weather is a bit more stable. The first winter rains happen in October which means that it is better to reserve an indoor venue for your reception. It is also less crowded in Santorini in October, so if you prefer to visit the island on a calmer period, October is your month!

When it comes to weddings in October, what applies to May, will apply to this month as well. Have your ceremony earlier in the day, starting around 16:00, to get most of your wedding day. For an outdoor reception, think about outdoor heating or tents in case of rain. Inform your guests to bring jackets and warmer shoes (this goes especially for your lady guests). Have hot beverages serving at the bar, in case any of your guests wishes to warm up.


Winter is the period when the locals get married, so weddings still happen on the island. I say, if you are not afraid of the elements and you are a risky person, I will most certainly find the best solution for the best winter wedding in Santorini!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful.

You have my best wishes for now, and I'll be glad to see you again!

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