Monday, December 19, 2016

5 proposal mistakes better to avoid

Last time, I shared with you my thoughts on marriage proposals. I've mentioned that I'm a big fan of unique and memorable ways to ask for the hand of your sweetheart. While looking for an unforgettable way to propose to your special someone, there are some things that you should consider…  things that might actually turn the romantic moment into a disaster.

After performing a small survey on Santorini, I've chosen the top 5 worst marriage proposal mistakes.

1. The crowd

I'm sure a lot of us would love the idea of a public proposal, be that at a popular location of your town, in the movie theatre, with a public announcement at the metro station etc., there are still a lot of people who would prefer a more private proposal. Before conjuring an amazing plan, which will involve the whole football stadium sharing your special moment, make sure you other half would be comfortable with such a big audience. If she or he does not like to share personal moments with strangers or is simply a shy person, your proposal might end up being remembered for the wrong reason. Better go with a "stay-at-home" plan.

2. The argument

Sometimes, even the most loved couple's can get into fights. The best way to end it, is by acknowledging your mistake or offering a peaceful negotiation. By no means proposing in the heat of the argument is a good idea! Yes, it might sound like a perfect way to switch the energy from bad to good, in reality it is an almost guaranteed "NO!". Your significant other won't feel surprised and excited, and most probably receive it as a really bad joke. Surround the proposal with positive memories, not negative ones.

3. The panic attack!

You are an adventurous type. You like to go kayaking, sky diving, bungee jumping. You might be in love with the adrenaline rushing through your veins. While your other half might be supportive of your hobbies or job, it does not necessarily mean that he or she would like to engage in such activities. Before planning a paragliding proposal, make sure your future Mrs. or Mr. is not afraid of heights! If you really wish to propose during a fun activity, choose something less … exciting. Go on a catamaran cruise or at a nice hike.

4. The lazy

Some people prefer the quite indoor life: watch a movie, read a book, play chess. It is especially great when you, yourself, are an indoor person, and the love of your life is an indoor person as well. Together you conquer the minecraft universe, enjoy cooking, or spend hours snugging on the couch and just being lazy together. Having said that, as much as you like being lazy on your free, this does not mean that your proposal should be a lazy one as well. Don't just ask your sweetheart to look at drawer for a surprise. Get creative and get of the couch!!

5. The food allergies

The most classic and 100% success proved way to ask for the hand of your one and only, is after a delicious and romantic dinner. If you decide to go to your favorite restaurant to propose, your girlfriend or boyfriend will choose something for themselves. If, on the other hand, you decide to prepare dinner yourself, make sure to know any food allergies your other half might have. Ending such a promising evening at the emergency room because of a silly tomato allergy, is certainly the last thing you would wish for.

Whichever way you choose to propose, ensure that both you and you loved one will equally enjoy it. This is a good reason not to jump into marriage after the first six months you've been together, but to give it some time to get to know your new found love. Don't make it a 30 year wait though. ;)

Thank you very much for reading!

You have my warmest wishes. 

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