Saturday, December 17, 2016

Random Saturday #2 - I am not a morning person!!

Hello my dearest Cardoonistas!

You are not many (yet), but it means the world to me to know that there are people out there, who spend some of their time to read my random thoughts… and my efforts to have a serious blog. I thank you all from my heart!

On a less sentimental note, this week I had a revelation: I am not a
This is what you lose when being  at early bird! *evil laugh*
morning person! I've tried to become one, I've put so much effort into it over the years, but it was time to face the truth. I'm a creature of the night late mornings. When I quit my job at the wedding planning company I worked, and no longer had to go to the office every morning at 9 am, I promised myself that I will still be waking up early, to get some work done. I kept my promise, until I realized that my muses wake up at noon, so even if I got to work at 10, I still wasn't able to get productive.

So one morning, as I was enjoying a warm cup of coffee, I decided to embrace who I really am - a late bird. A came to peace with that. Even my blog statistics push towards that direction. When I posted my Thursday blog at noon, I did significantly worse than those posted at midnight. I officially pronounce myself a night owl.

This is actually one great perk of being an adult. I can arrange my day schedule in a way, that I will use all my creativity and my willingness to work in the most effective way. Or, to say it less poetically, I can sleep in without being accused of being a lazy butt!

On Sunday I decided to play with the boys. The boys are the nieces of my beloved boyfriend… on the day, there were four of them, and they where around the ages of 8-9 years old. We played waaaaar!!! I died a lot… mostly because they didn't follow the rules of the game, if there were any anyway. Still, it was fun!! I was running around with a plastic gum making "pshiou pshiou" noises. Just like during my childhood… I'm a serious wedding planner, I promise!!! 

Of course, I got sick after that. I guess I still need that adult which will shout at you from the window "Put on your coat or you will get sick!!!". It wasn't the best idea to run around for an hour with just a jacket on. I didn't even had my scarf on. And it has not been really warm on Santorini lately, which is not helping at all to get better. I can say I regret my Sunday decision to take my coat off.

A piece of advice to all of you adults who are still children at heart, don't take off your coats when running around remembering your younger days. Play responsibly… being sick is not fun.

Enjoying the view, while waiting for my flat tire to get fixed. 
This week is also the week of practical knowledge. I learned how to change a flat tire on a car! And I even had the chance to do it twice, as the exact next day after I got a flat tire, my friend got one to!! Amazing eh? I certainly feel excited to finally know that I won't ever get stranded in a far away location, just because I got a flat tire. Make sure that your spare tire is inflated though…

As you can see, here on Cardoon Events, we not only give advises that have to do with weddings, proposals, and other fun events, but also give advises on various topics from everyday life :p !

Stay with us for more insights of a wedding planner's everyday life.

I wish a good night to those who are ready to go to sleep, and a great day to those who are just beginning their day.

Sincerely yours,

Not your everyday wedding planner ;) 

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