Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marriage Proposals - Thoughts and ideas

I've been posting about various topics about weddings, so I would like to take a break from that and talk about probably the most important part of a wedding - the marriage proposal! This is the first big step in the couple's life (second, if you have already moved together), that leads to the I-do's and a happy life together. It would be unfair not to put this topic under the spotlight.

Original and unique marriage proposals are becoming more and more popular this days, and I personally absolutely really like this trend. Of course, romantic proposals at a nice restaurant will never go out of fashion, but the more creative your get with your marriage proposal, the more memorable it will be for you and your future Mrs. or Mr.

Two years ago I had the chance to plan a truly unique, carefully thought, and amazing marriage proposal, which included hidden cameras, a helicopter, horse riding, and a private dinner at the most isolated location I could find in Santorini. It was a combination of romantic and adventurous, just the perfect combination for a memorable proposal.

As you might guessed, I love unique marriage proposals. I know for sure, that if my lovely boyfriend decided to propose, I would be a little bit disappointed if he didn't involve horses when asking for my hand. I'm crazy about horses and if I didn’t see horses on that day, I would probably had doubts that he really knows with who he's dealing with. Make your other half feel truly special, by including his/her favorite thing in the world.

What makes a proposal unique? It could be a song, it could be the location, it could a game or movie he or she loves. Whatever is "special" for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, it would be really nice and thoughtful to include it in the proposal. This could serve as proof, that you truly pay attention and care about what is special for your other half, as silly as it may sound or look.

For example, does your special someone likes to dance, but you yourself are not such a good dancer? Surprise her or him by taking some dance lessons, and then taking her/him out where you could show your freshly acquired skills. When he or she less expects it make the proposal. You sweetheart will not only be moved that you took interested in his/her hobby, but will also love the fact that you asked for her/his hand in such a special way.

Another idea is to make the marriage proposal part of an unforgettable adventure. Plan fun activities for 3, 4, or even more days. Go to a nice trip to a different country, go sightseeing, go horse riding, diving, sky diving, if you are brave enough (I'm not…), carnivals, wine tastings, anything the place your are visiting has to offer. Then, at the end of it make the proposal. After the proposal, the "Yes" and the tears of happiness, go to a nice, romantic dinner.

You could plan something which will include your friends and family. Have a family dinner at her or his parents' house. Have the lights suddenly go off and when they will be back on again, surprise your future Mrs. or Ms. with the message. Have a party at your house (find a good reason though, so you won't make her/him suspicious) and conjure up a plan with your friends for the memorable proposal. What a better way to propose, if not around your loving friends and family. Just make sure to let them know about your plan.

If you prefer something more quite and away from the public, there are plenty of ways to make the proposal in a unique way at home. My personal favorite is involving your pets, like hanging the ring or the message on your dogs collar. Make sure your dog or cat knows what to do, so they won't end running away with the ring! Have a quite game of scrabble, and surprise your sweetheart with the "marry me" message. You could even plan a special evening for your other half when he or she comes back from work. Prepare a relaxing bath for her or him, offer a massage to further relax your loved one, cook his or her favorite dinner. At the end of all that, pop the question. It will the best way to end an amazing evening!

Whatever you decide to do, making it unique and special is what will make it remembered for life. Put some effort in the proposal. Your other half will most certainly appreciate it! Who wouldn't melt from love, knowing that their boyfriend or girlfriend takes interest in his or her hobbies and favorite things to do. This is a perfect way to show how deeply you care about your future Mrs. or Mr.

The next blog post will be dedicated to what not to do for your marriage proposal.

As always, thank you very much for reading, and I'll be glad to see you again! 

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