Sunday, December 11, 2016

Random Saturday #1: What will happen on January 16th, 2017???

Hello and welcome!

I decided to launch a different blog series called "Random Saturdays", were I will share my random thoughts, interesting moments from my life, and anything else that might pop into my mind. Yes, it will be somewhat of a personal blog, but there is a good reason why I decided to host it here, rather than on a personal site. I believe that this way you will get to know better the person who hides behind "Cardoon Events", and I would really to let you in the mind of this particular wedding and event planner.

I wanted to start this blog series last Saturday, while traveling to Santorini from Athens by ferry. The trip lasts for 8 hours! Enough time to get bored out of your mind, as a result becoming creative to make the long journey seem a bit more interesting. That didn't happen though. The ferries where on strike, which ruined all my plans... and my mood as well, so I postponed the launch of the "Random Saturdays" for a better time. This Saturday was perfect!

This past week was amazing! I flew to Santorini in a small plane full of excited and a bit noisy tourists. Good thing the flight lasts around 40 minutes. One of my weird fears, that I will forget how to drive after my vacation, thankfully, did not come true. When arriving home, I was glad to see my pets and get back to my beloved life on the island. This was the first time in the three years I've been living in Santorini, that I couldn't wait to get back on the island. You cannot imagine how happy this makes me. I feel balanced!

Why it took me three years to love the place I'm leaving and working, I can tell you in person, should you get the chance to meet me ;)

This whole week I've been trying to get into a productive program, start working out, get some work done in general... and I'm ashamed to confess that I somewhat failed. Between tiding up my house, meeting with friends, taking care of bureaucratic obligations, researching to better understand twitter, I couldn't keep track of time, which was always throwing me of schedule. On the bright side, I found out that a really good friend, that I made this summer, is a fellow 9gagger!!! Finally someone who will understand my jokes! On Friday, I spent my entire morning at Oceanids Estate, chatting with Nina and Nikitas. Very interesting people!

Something else I realized and I want to share with the world, is that every day that passes, makes me feel more and more happy! I suddenly have the urge to make compliments and tell people that I appreciate, that I appreciate them! It never happened before!! And it is a great feeling to share your positive emotions. I believe everyone should do this least once a day. Really helps the daily anxiety and stress go away.

And then it happened! Yesterday's night-out brought a great mystery into my life, and to the lives of those who were with me on that fateful night! Something will happen on January 16th, 2017! But what? No one knows, not even me, the person who, while leaving the cafe, said in an enigmatic way to wait for that day. When I was asked to clarify, why is the date so important, I just smiled and answered "You'll see".

Funny thing... I don't even remember telling that. One of my friends, who were with me yesterday, tried once again to learn what I meant, but I had to disappoint her, as I couldn't even recall the event!! I honestly have no idea what was I talking about. I'm intrigued! Even though I don't remember what daydreams I had at the moment of the curious phrase, I do have an idea of what could be done on that day... I won't tell now... I'll do so when the time is right! ;) But remember, January 16th, 2017!

That's all for now. Thank you for your time. I honestly appreciate it. :)

As promised, on Monday you will have a post with some wisdom on wedding food and how to choose it.

Sincerely yours,

The proud CEO of Cardoon Events!

Random Saturday #2

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