Saturday, January 7, 2017

Random Saturday #5: Don't be afraid to smile!

Hello my dear readers!

I hope everyone had a positively unforgettable new year celebration and that 2017 has been good to you so far.

Today is the name day of Giannis, which is the Greek version of the name Johnny, so I would like to wish a happy name day to all of the Johnnies in your life!

In dedication to this day Secret Café in Pyrgos is organizing a party - "Johnny's Day" ! I can't wait for it! I haven't been to a party in a while and I really need to go to one, so yes.. I feel pretty excited!

I decided to dedicate this Random Saturday to Katerina, the owner of Secret Café in Pyrgos, a really good friend of mine and an amazing person in general. I won't get into detail about her life, because well… its personal information, but I'll just say that whatever unpleasant surprises life brought her, she is still strong and smiling. She never gives up and have achieved amazing things. She is an inspiration to me.

I met Katerina when I was working across the street from the her coffee shop, at the wedding planning office. That period of time wasn't the best for me, not because of the job, but because I was already feeling that my marriage was falling apart and would soon end. I wasn't smiling a lot and didn't really feel like interacting with people. Whoever moody I was, every time I went to get my morning coffee, Katerina would greet me with her big, honest smile, which would make me smile even if I didn't feel like it. She was one of the few people I didn't mind interacting with.

We became friends this summer. To keep myself away from unnecessary stress, I thought of the "morning coffee" ritual (not a creative name, I know). Every morning, before stepping my foot into the office, I would always first go to Secret Café for my morning cup of coffee. With every day that passed, and the more we would chat, we started bonding. It didn't matter if I had a good morning or a bad morning, she would always manage to make me smile and change my attitude to a positive one, even on the day when my car broke on a crossroad…

Getting ready for "Johhny's Day"
It always amazed me, and still does, that she always stays positive and is always smiling, whatever might be going on in her life. In summer, she was working at a hotel and at Secret Café. She was working for almost 16 hours or more every day, and never ever lost her enthusiasm for life. I admire that in her, and she helped me a lot be positive myself.

Through her, I realized how important it is to have such people in your life, and how a simple smile could change your day and make it better. I wish everyone could have a Katerina in their life! I learned how to confront any troubles life can bring with a joke and a positive attitude. She always helps me with advices, listens to my problems and always cheers me up! I never left her coffee shop in a bad mood.

Katerina is the person who is never afraid to smile!

When you visit Santorini, make sure to pass by her coffee shop. Its name is Secret Café and it is located in Pyrgos, right next to the pharmacy. She makes great coffee by the way! ;)

Stay positive, don't lose your smile, and have a great Johnny's Day!!

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