Saturday, January 21, 2017

Random Saturday 7: Winter Blues...

Hello my dear Readers!

Hope you all have been well this week.

This morning was quite challenging for me, to be honest… Actually, the last month has been getting harder and harder for me. Although I feel perfectly well physically (finally), emotionally I've been having a drop, which today had one of its peaks.

It took me four hours to kick me out of bed. I didn't want to do anything, even today's Random Saturday. Eventually, I convinced myself to get out of bed, go for a run and go on with my day. Now, that I'm writing this blog I feel the urge to crawl back to bed and spend the rest of the day watching youtube videos, which of I won't do, as I like to choose work over bed to get over such times.

Yet… even though I know what is the cause for this emotional drop, it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with my daily tasks. Still, I try my best to stay positive and joke about this whole situation. Also, I started training a foal, so it could get accustomed to a halter, so it has been keeping busy and away from gloomy thoughts.  

To be completely honest, ever since I decided to open my own wedding and event planning company, I had a number panic attacks. I get doubts on the decision of starting my own busyness, I have doubts that I will be able to pull through in such critical for the world time. I guess it is a normal feeling, when taking the first steps to a professional independence, so I try not to over think it. I've invented so many ways of motivating myself to go on, that I might write a book about it one day.

Whatever the hardships might be though, I won't stop trying to make Cardoon Events one of the best wedding and event planning companies in Greece, because, as the band "Queen" says "We'll keep on fighting till the end!"

It has been only two and half months since Cardoon Events started, so it would be unfair of me to ask for great result in such a short period of time. It is amazing to know that there are couples contacting me, more and more people are reading this blog, and all the social media are slowly growing. This shows progress, and I'm really happy about it. Every new follower I get on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, fills me with the same excitement I felt as a kid when opening the presents from Santa Claus.

I guess I can start putting some more effort into Cardoon, so I won't feel like I'm procrastinating too much. Everything will turn out good, I know it, because well… I really don't have any other choice. Hehe :p

I also perfectly know that I get the "Winter Blues" around this time of the year, so it is kind of normal for me to get pessimistic! I am a sun and warmth powered person, so winter has been hard me for many years now. We have been having sunny days all week in Santorini, but it wasn't warm enough for me. This made not want to leave my warm, cozy bed, and go outside doing useful staff. I really miss the long, hot, sunny days… they are almost here… almost… here…..aaaaaaah….

On the bright side, I've been hired to work at the "SantoHorse Riding" for this summer season, and it has been a dream of mine to work with horses again, ever since I came to Santorini. If any of your wish to meet in person, you can do so there :p. And no, this won't interfere at all with my work at Cardoon Events. The owners of Santo Horse Riding know that I will be going on some wedding this year, and I will still be able to do all the planning from the stable. I'll have the best office view with the horses around me, the sun, the fresh air! This certainly makes me happy.

I'm terribly sorry that I've been whining for the second Random Saturday in a row, but since wedding planners are human beings too, we are bound to have our sad days, weeks, months. An in any case, Random Saturdays were meant to be a way of you, getting to know me better as a person, rather than just a professional. You'll just got to know the whiny side of me. J

I would like thank all of my friends, who have been on my side from the very beginning of Cardoon Events. I'd like to thank them, for keeping up with all the long faces, frowns, pessimism, panic attacks. They help me turn all that to a positive and energetic attitude towards what I'm doing. At the of the day, I always fall asleep with a smile.

I also want to thank you, my dear reader, for supporting what I'm trying to do, by reading this blogs.

I wish everyone a great evening or day, and a great week in general! 

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