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Santorini marriage proposal ideas!

I've already wrote two posts about marriage proposals in the past, in the first expressing my personal thoughts on the topic, and giving some advice on what not to do when proposing in the second. I've also mentioned, that it is a good idea to combine your marriage proposal with a nice holiday at a different country. Why not have your marriage proposal while travelling to Santorini then? 

Santorini has a lot to offer to couples in love, from its wonderful sunsets and amazing scenery to fun activities to do on the island, and there are plenty of ways to make your marriage proposal unique and memorable.

Dinner proposal:

Wedding Venue - Gem Villa
Popping the question over a nice, romantic dinner is probably the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of a marriage proposal. Combined with the amazing views that Santorini has to offer, your special someone will most certainly appreciate the location that you chose.

Santorini has a number of perfect venues for an unforgettable private or semi-private proposal dinner. The perks of a private dinner, is that since you will be having the place to yourself, you can decorate it to make it look even more beautiful for your special dinner.

Just imagine, having the table set-up under a white canopy decorated with flowers, a chandelier, candles all over the terrace. All that, combined with a magical sunset and the breathtaking views of Santorini's cliffside and the volcano. It is truly magical.

If you wish to make the evening even more memorable, add fireworks! Pop the question after the sun sets, and once your other half says her or his "Yes", launch the fireworks! It will be a perfect way to express your enthusiasm and happiness for this new chapter in your life!

Private Cruise:

Wish to propose in not a so "traditional" way? Go to a private sunset catamaran cruise. Not only you will have a chance to visit the volcano, the hot springs, maybe even the island of Thirasia if you have the time, but you will also add a touch of adventure to your marriage proposal.  

Inform the cruise company in advance of your decision to make a proposal during your trip. The company will be able to make suggestions on the best location and timing of the proposal. The crew, which you will have on the day, will also be able to assist you with the proposal.

There are a number of ways to propose on the catamaran. You could, for example, ask the crew to put the ring in a champagne glass, and serve the champagne to you and your other half during the sunset. You could even propose at the volcano, since you will most probably visit it. Not many people do that, so it will be a pleasant surprise to your future Mrs. or Mr.

Think outside the box:

If both of you are adventurous types, then organize fun activities on the island and ask for her or his hand during one of those activities. After the "Yes!!!!" ,go to a nice restaurant, tavern, or club to celebrate.

What fun activities you could do on the island? A lot!! Thankfully, Santorini has plenty of things to do, besides enjoying the local wine at the pool of your hotel during sunset. Plan three of four days of activities and have the time of your life in Santorini.

On the first day go on a speed boat ride or jet-ski ride. Make the traditional visit of the caldera sea more fun and memorable! If you are into water sports in general, plan to spend a day in Perivolos and visit Crazy Waterspots. I believe you will have a great time ;)

Horse Riding on Eros Beach by .
Photography by
Spend the second day exploring Akrotiri. Go the excavation point to see the ancient city and dive into the history of the island. Don't forget to visit the famous red beach afterwards.

After all that, make sure to stop at the Santo HorseRiding for an unforgettable horse riding trip in Santorini. You will be able to see locations and scenery of the island, which you would otherwise miss, since they are not easily accessible by car. Not only that, but the pictures of you and your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend on horses on the black beach, will make a great addition to your proposal photo album.

Cycling tours in Santorini -
On the third day, go for a cycling tour around the island! There are many routs available for every taste. Choose the one you like the most, and explore Santorini even more! Visit Santorini Adventures for more information.

Going for a horse riding trip or cycling tour, will give you the chance to make the marriage proposal at the most amazing spot on the island, making the moment for ever remembered by you and your special someone.

If you wish to learn more about what Santorini has to offer for more unforgettable marriage proposals, you are welcome to contact me directly and together we will find what will be the best way to pop the question!

Thank you very much for reading and I wish you a lovely day!  

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