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Ideas for a post-divorce rejuvenation trip in Santorini!

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Santorini is a beautiful island and a lot of people come here to relax, enjoy the views, enjoy the food, and have fun in general. Although the island is famous for weddings, this does not mean that you shouldn't come here to "shake off" any negativity left from your divorce. Gather up with your close friends, and organize a nice trip to Santorini to start your new life on a positive note.

Why choose Santorini for your divorce healing process, and why host a divorce party on the island as well? The main reason, is that Santorini perfectly combines relaxing holidays with party holidays. Whether you wish to spend your holidays by the pool with a cocktail in your hand and a good book, eating at nice restaurants, going to spas and having massages, or you want to party every night and engage in fun activities, Santorini offers both.

Yes, Santorini is so great indeed!

Wine tastings:

Santorini is really famous for its wines, this is the reason for the big number of wineries on the island. Some wineries are located on the caldera, others on the sea side of the island. When visiting Santorini, arrange with your friends to have a wine tour at one of Santorini's wineries, for some wine tasting and to learn the history of wine making.

My two favorite wineries are the KoutsogiannopoulosWinery in Mesaria and the Venetsanos Winery in Megalochori.

Koutsogiannopoulos Winery has an amazing museum, which takes you to a journey of Santorini's wine making history, combined with wine tasting after the tour. Venetsanos Winery, which is located on the cliffs of the caldera, also has a nice museum to visit. Afterwards, you can stay for the wine tasting, while enjoying the amazing view the winery offers.

Have a tour to both wineries and enjoy the famous wines of Santorini.

Spa & Massage:

Massages and spa treatments are known to relax both body and soul. Santorini has a number of different spa centers, and most of the hotels offer massages to their guests. One of the first things you should do upon arriving on the island, is having a spa day, to relax after the journey and to begin your rejuvenating Santorini visit with positive energy.

Don't forget to visit one of the fish spa that Santorini has. This will surely be an experience to remember! Also, it is especially important to keep your feet in good health with all the dancing and walking that is to take place on the island!


Beside the views, the wine, the spas, Santorini also has a lot of fun activities to do. Rent quad bikes, for example, and have a tour around the island. Go from one end of the island to the other, and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Go horse riding in Akrotiri to add some adventure to your rejuvenation trip. Horses are known to have therapeutic properties for your body and your mind. Agree, you might be a bit sore after the ride, but believe me when I say, that you will recharge your excitement batteries to the full!

Enjoy a day at the beach with water sports! Visit Perissa beach. Go parasailing, go on a water bike ride, go on a jet ski ride on the caldera. If you are not a water sport type, then go to cycling tour! Create new, fun memories and experiences.

Divorce Party:

So, you've been at the wineries, had your spa treatments, when horse riding and to your jet ski ride. It's time to party! Here are some things you might find helpful.

Fira is the party center of the island, as most of the clubs and bars are located there. If you wish to spend a night partying at the clubs, then Fira is the perfect location for you. Fira has mostly mainstream bars, so if you are into that kind of music, you will be at right spot.

If you wish to party by the beach, then go to Perissa or Kamari. There, you can find bars that play mainstream music, rock music, rock n' roll, reggae, Greek music. Music for all the tastes! During summer, there are also a lot of live bands playing in the bars, so you if you wish to listen to some live music, you most certainly be able to find what you wish for.

In case you desire to have a private, all night divorce party, or a semi-private house-party style celebration, then go to Secret Café in Pyrgos. Should you wish to have a quiet divorce party with your really close friends, its cozy upper floor area will make you feel at home. If you want to have a grand celebration, then you can rent the whole place, and party all night long!

Upper floor of Secret Cafe in Pyrgos

Santorini is a truly a calming island, and it will surely help you heal after a divorce. If you are worrying that seeing all those brides around the island will bring bitter memories, then you shouldn't. On the contrary, being at a such a romantic place might actually help you wake up all those feelings and dreams about love, so that you will be ready again to meet with your true other half.

If you wish to organize your own an post-divorce rejuvenation trip to Santorini, feel free to email me for ideas!

As always, thank you very much for reading and I wish you a lovely day!

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